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Judicial Performance Evaluation

Over twenty states in the nation have replaced partisan judicial elections with judicial retention election systems. Many of these states have also set up commissions that evaluate the performance of sitting judges and report this information to the electorate. These judicial performance evaluation commissions also provide valuable information to judges to assist them in improving their performance on the bench.

Since 1997, Research & Polling has worked with the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts and the New Mexico Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission to evaluate New Mexico’s district court judges and appellate court judges, as well as the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court judges. In addition to our ongoing relationship with the NMJPEC, we have also been contracted by the Colorado Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation since 2011 to evaluate Colorado’s trial court judges and appellate court judges.

In order to accomplish the evaluations of judges, Research & Polling surveys attorneys, court staff, law enforcement personnel, jurors, and other courtroom participants. The surveys are completed in various ways: online, paper, and telephonically. The data is then compiled into succinct reports that are delivered to the judicial performance evaluation commissions and to the judges themselves.

To learn more about the judicial performance evaluation programs in New Mexico and Colorado, please visit the sites below.

NM JPEC: (opens in a new window or tab)

CO OJPE: (opens in a new window or tab)