Research & Polling, Inc.

Research & Polling Inc.
  • Survey Research

    Research & Polling Inc. conducts small-scale and large-scale research projects to measure many items of interest, including: image, attitudes, opinions, awareness and market share. Our staff will be glad to discuss your research needs with you, refine your research objectives and make recommendations regarding optimal research methods. We will share our experience relevant to your project and develop a proposal to fit your budget. Research & Polling is a full-service research company that conducts the following types of surveys:

  • Focus Groups

    A focus group brings together a small group of participants to discuss a specific topic, and is led by a trained moderator. A typical focus group is comprised of approximately ten participants and is conducted over a 2-hour time period. Participants are guided through a spontaneous and interactive discussion that reveals insights, ideas and attitudes/opinions about a certain issue or product. Participants are selected based on specific criteria suitable to the research needs of the client. Our moderator's probing questions explore the feelings underlying consumer attitudes, interests and opinions.

  • Litigation Support

    Successful litigation begins by anticipating the attitudes, thoughts and judgments of jurors not yet selected. This is the objective of any project that aims to assist attorneys with their cases. Research & Polling provides services to help eliminate the guess work in litigation and get reliable answers to your toughest questions before going to trial.

    From its inception, Research & Polling has fulfilled a role of serving the legal industry with a broad range of research support services.

  • Redistricting

    Redistricting is a term commonly used for two types of boundary adjustments. The first, and one which normally happens every ten years, is the redrawing of district boundaries for elected offices. These boundaries determine the areas elected officials represent, whether they are Congressional representatives, state legislators, county officials, or city councilors, to name a few.

    The second type of redistricting refers to adjusting school attendance boundaries. This process determines the school a student will attend based on his/her residential location.

  • Mapping / GIS

    GIS (geographic information systems) is used to analyze data spatially through maps to find patterns that may not be easily observable from a table or spreadsheet. Research & Polling utilizes GIS to look at data that has a geographic component. We analyze data and produce high-quality maps that allow our clients to easily visualize the results.