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Research & Polling Inc.

Litigation Support

Mock Jury

We recruit representative panels of jurors and provide a courtroom setting for you to test an abbreviated version of your case.

The benefits of a mock jury are numerous:

  • Test your basic strategy and specific arguments
  • Measure the impact certain exhibits may, or may not, have on jurors
  • Survey jurors to assess the individual reaction to every element of your case
  • Test the value and effectiveness of lay and expert witnesses
  • Discover unsuspected strengths and weaknesses in your case
  • Listen in on actual deliberations and uncover the persuasive elements of the case that affect jurors
  • Evaluate your client's comparative negligence
  • Help determine settlement value
  • Individual juror verdict forms assessing the verdicts
  • Group jury verdict forms from each panel of jurors assessing the verdicts
  • Identify the ideal juror profile for your case
  • Identify the most important voir dire questions to be asked to prospective jurors